Selected Solo Exhibitions

2006 "Paintings from Nature" The Art Factory Brisbane August 2006
2006 Davson Gallery "Sculptures from Canvas"
2005 “Art of the Non Objective Landscape” Recent Works Jasu Gallery Brisbane
2005 “Art of the Non Objective Landscape” Chinchilla Whitegums Gallery
2004 “ Landscape & Textures from the Shore to the Sky” Texas Regional Art Gallery
2004 “Shorelines” New Textural and Assemblage Landscapes. Cooloola Shire Public Gallery
2004 “Working Plein Air” Sheraton Hotel Brisbane
2004 “Landscapes from the Rim” New textural and assemblage works Boonah Regional Gallery
2004 “Water and Light” The Bundaberg Arts Centre
2003 “Water and Light” Noosa Regional Gallery Buttter Factory Arts Centre Cooroy
2002 “Recent Paintings” Augelo’s Newfarm
2001 “ Painting demonstrations” Port Office Hotel Brisbane
2000 “Moreton Island Series” Fox Studios Brisbane
2000 “Sand Island Paintings” Queensland Law Society Brisbane

Selected Group Exhibitions
2008 "New Beginings" Waterfront Place Brisbane city
2007 "River City" Waterfront Place 1 Eagle Street Brisbane
2007 "Psychedelica" CBD Gallery Brisbane
2006 St Sebastian's Biennial exhibition
2006 "The Windows of Opportunity"Brisbane Power House with · Bree Amer
Catherine Anderson, Mike "Banx" Banks, Robyn Bauer, Robert Coleby, Angela Davies, Gavin Dickey, Daisy Dickey, Hannah Evans, Scott Goddard, Mike Goldman, Travis Hendrix, David Hinchliffe, Kerry Holland, Mary Ibrahim, Kirra Jamison, Justin Lavender, Tiffiny Laverack, Adrian Lewinski, Natasha Lewis, Christine Maudy, John Morris, Nuuna, Danielle O'Brien, Jim Olsson, Sam Poursh, Cliff Sheldrake, Emma Sheldrake, Starr, Maxine Stibbe, Margaret Underdown, Chris Williams, Simon Won
2006 Carnivale Exhibition CBD Brisbane
2005 "The Doors" Brisbane Power House with Bree Amer,
Anthony Bennett, Cathy Bevis, John Clements, Robert Coleby, Natalie Cook,John Dahlsen, Design College of Australia, Donna Gee, Mike Goldman, David Hinchliffe, Malcolm Hooper, Mary-Paula Ibrahim, Jan Jorgensen, Tracey Keller, Jack Kennedy, Brett Lethbridge, Adrian Lewinski, Shane Macfarlane, Felicity Mason, Simon Mclean, Moorooka Day Service, John Morris, Nuuna, Sammaneh Poursh, Christine Sheldrake, Cliff Sheldrake, Emma Sheldrake, Maxine Stibbe Margaret Underdown Pam Walpole & Simon Wong
2005 Jasu Gallery Brisbane
2005 Churchie Emerging Art Prize
2005 "Exposed" Jasu Gallery Brisbane
2003 “Following the Sun” Fox Galleries with Louis Ricaud / Michael Ciavarella
2002 “Indian Summer” Grosvnor on George with John Dahlsen
2002 “Transformations” Fox Galleries with Louis Ricaud and Mark Davies
2001 “Third Annual Eclectic” Fox Galleries Brisbane
2001 “Recent Paintings” Port Office Hotel Brisbane
2001 “Colours of the Bay” Fox Galleries Brisbane with Louis Ricaud
2000 “Annual Eclectic” Fox Galleries Brisbane
1992 “Art and Soul” Brisbane Art Directors McWhirters Art Space Fortitude Valley
1990 “Art and Soul” Brisbane Art Directors Waterfront Place Brisbane
1989 “Art and Soul” Brisbane Art Directors Riverside centre Brisbane
1989 "Logan Art Award" Logan City
1988 "Logan Art Award" John Paul College Logan City
1988 “Fusions Gallery Brunswick Street Fortitude Valley
1987 "Aberdare Art Prize" Ipswich

Awards and Prizes
2005 Finalist Churchie Emerging Art Prize
1988 Certificate of Merit Logan Art Award
1973 RNA highly recommended for still life
1972 Ipswich Open Art Prize for portraiture
1972 Ipswich Open Art Prize

Artist in Residence
1990 Metro Arts Brisbane

2003 AugustThe Arty Farty Show Noosa Community Radio
2003November Half Arts Vanessa Brown Noosa FM 101.3
2004 News Mail Bundaberg 22nd of January
2004 Australian Broadcasting Corporation Wayne Shearman Wide Bay January

Books and Short Stories

2018 Into the Light an Odyssey

2017 Don Hilll About
2017 "Don Hill Contemporary 2002 to 2006

2017 "Amphora"

2006 "A time to Listen, A Time to Speak Out" Ken Green 2006

"Straight out of London" ISBN 0-646-46269-5 " 2007 2008 Kathmandu Taxi"

Web Sites
cerabral palsy queensland
art and design online
The Brisbane Artists Directory




2017 Writes "Amphora" Part 1
2008 / 2009 Travels Thailand collects material for new body of work
2008 Travels to India and Nepal. Formulates ideas, sketches and photography for "Siddhartha's Land"
2007 Starts work on the "Rainmaker" project 2007Kathamandu Taxi Book
2007 Travels to New Zealand for the first time and takes his favorite Repco mountain bike. Re assembles it at Christchurch Airport then rides South looking for the Southern Alps.
2006 Starts writing the book "Straight out of London"
2003 Works on solo exhibitions through regional gallery circuit
2000 Represented Fox Galleries Brisbane
1997 Travels in Thailand
1991-92 Involved in Group exhibitions for the Endevour Foundation
1990 Residence at Metro Arts Brisbane
1990 Commision James Penny Interiors Brisbane
1990 Represented Hang Ups Gallery Brisbane
1988/91 Becomes involved in several group exhibitions in Australia and Japan
1987 Certificate of Merit Logan Art Award
1975 Returns to Australia via Bombay and Singapore 1975 Stays the remainder of time in the UK with sculptor Stuart Williamson at Belsize Crescent
1975 Arrives back in London without enough money to catch the tube back to Belsize Crescent
1975 Hitch hikes throughout southern and central Europe
1974"Magic Bus" three days in hell
1974 Lives, works and paints in London in Belsize Villiage during IRA bombings
1974 Settles in 16 Belsize Crescent North London
1974 Travels to and hitch hikes Wales, Scotland and Orkney Islands. 1974 Stays with Carl Grozmann at Tittenhurst Park while he records "Dose of Rock and Roll"
1974 Purchases Bicycle and rides it from London to Lands End in Cornwall in UGG boots.
1974 Arrives in London.
1974 Sees Frank de Silva and Arch Gratton alive for the very last time
1974 Encouraged and inspired by Arthur Evan Reid to travel to Europe and England to undertake further studies in modern and traditional art
1 974 Water Colour Technique and characteristics with Charles Ludlow 1973 Has day classes with Merven Moriarty at White Hill Road Residence.

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2001 to December 2003 “Working Plein Air”
2004 “The Rejected Landscapes Totem ”
2005 “A Postcard of Queensland”
2006 "Straight out of London"
2007 "Rainmaker" exhibition
2008/09 "Siddhartha's Land"


Firstly my works have local content and are about natural occurrences which happen at sea and in surrounds.

I try to focus on the visual and the beauty of the sea without making a statement about humans although the works always contain boats, rowers or yachts bobbing precariously around in a vast and dangerous expanse of blue.

This is human life.

All at once exciting beautiful and also dangerous at the same time whether it is on dry land or in the sea.

Temporary. Don't fall overboard.

I try to depict nature in a positive way and not to provoke a negative response by people who have not been as fortunate as myself in visiting these places or fallen victim to the charm of the sea when something is or has occurred.

My works encompass calm, violent and rough seas and express harmony of nature. The ups and downs of life.

I use a multitude of materials to produce each work including bare hand and card board, brush and stick, sometimes pallet knife and an angle

I do not really think about composition as I involve myself very close to the work and leave this to the sub consious and viewer to work the composition.



Don Hill



































Neptune's Crown. Oil Paint on Canvas over Bamboo Stringer Frame 2017




Early Morning Swell Amity Jetty. Detail. Diptych. Oil Paint on sized Canvas on Board 900 x 600 mm 2017





Early Morning Amity Jetty Swell. Detail. Oil Paint on sized Canvas on Board 900 x 600 mm 2017






Early Morning Amity Jetty Swell. Oil Paint on sized Canvas on Board 900 x 600 mm 2017



Vast. Oil Paint on sized Ply Board Diptych 160 x 120 cm 2017




Detail. Vast. Oil Paint on sized Ply Board 160 x 120 cm 2017






Detail. Vast. Oil Paint on sized Ply Board 160 x 120 cm 2017




Detail. Deepening the Tempest. Oil Paint on sized Ply Board 60 x 45 cm 2017







Deepening the Tempest. Oil Paint on sized Ply Board 60 x 45 cm l 2017






"The Ups and Down of the Wine Dark Sea" Detail 120 x 81 cm Oil Paint on Board 2017






"The Ups and Down of the Wine Dark Sea" 120 x 81 cm Oil Paint on Sized Board 2017






Oil Sudy for "The Ups and Down of the Wine Dark Sea". 48 x 40cm Oil on Canvas 2017





"Sailing the Vortex" Detail. Oil on Canvas over Board 90 x 90 cm 2017







"Study for Blue and Black Seascape" 45 x 60 cm Oil on Canvas on Board 2017























































































































































































































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